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As the world changes and evolves, so do businesses to stay in the game. Catalysts to changes can be internal (costs, structure, governance, products, IT, infrastructure, etc.) or external (globalization, competition, economical, regulatory, geopolitical, social, technological, emerging markets, etc.). As an organization evolves, so does its complexity. Complexity will lead to bottom line erosion.

Effectivus is a strategic partner focused on creativity, productivity and effectiveness. Our focus is to “Do More with Less”. Always deliver the maximum out of the minimum resources: “do the right things right”. We work closely with the management to better achieve the firm’s potential and deliver the next level of margin improvements. To achieve enterprise Improvement we focus on various levers:

  1. Leadership; make each person responsible and committed. Create an interdependent working environment to empower innovation and out of the box thinking.
  2. Management; with focus on Agile and Lean methodologies, try to maximize productivity efficiency and ensure optimal speed.
  3. Operations; ensure proper alignment between the strategy and the delivery.
  4. Communication; ensure each can express itself and bring its piece to the global setup. Critical appreciation (double loop feedback) and constant adaptation are key!
  5. Transparency; design, implement and adapt governance, infrastructure, process, procedures or policies, also when none exists. Share a common vision and be sure all speak the same language at all time.
  6. Training; provide and enable the necessary environment to foster growth.

In short: our only business is helping you improve yours! 

You believe this is what your organization can need: feel free to contact us for an initial appreciation.

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